custom wavy oval drip tray

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The wavy oval drip tray pairs perfectly with my curve candlestick holder. Made from hand mixed and pigmented cement. Can be purchased on its own to use for jewelry, keys, or whatever else you desire!

Length: 287mm / 28.7cm / 11.2"

Width: 172mm / 17.2cm / 6.7"

Pick your color below for a solid color.

For a marbled look: leave an order note at the cart page (not checkout page) under "Order special instructions" and specify which two colors with which decor piece.

For example:

custom cloud candle stick holder - sand & clay

custom wavy round drip tray - blush & white

Lead time: approximately 1 week after ordering 

*candles not included



Every cement candle decor piece is hand mixed and pigmented by me (Kara!) in my studio.


All decor pieces are wrapped in corrugated "bubble" made from scrap 100% recycled cardboard boxes in replacement of plastic bubble wrap. Corrugated bubble is curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable.

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