How To Make Cement Vessels

My Complete How-To Course

I made my first cement vessel on Christmas Eve of 2020. Since then, I have made over 1000 vessels for Kundalini Candles, and learned so much along the way. I created this course to teach you everything I know, and help you on your path with cement making!

What's Included?

This course will take you through everything you possibly need to know to create your own stunning cement vessels for use of candles, plant pots, decor, and whatever else your creative mind can think of!

This course is for...

✔ Small business owners who want to make their own vessels

✔ Hobbyists who want to start working with cement

✔ Anyone who loves hand making their own gifts

course: how to make cement vessels

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Want to know how I create smooth, vibrantly colored, and durable cement vessels?

This is complete how-to course of my personal technique I have developed after a year and a half of testing, and over 1000 cement vessels later.

What you'll receive:

  • Access to my in-depth online self study course
  • Downloadable link to all course content

MODULE 1: Tools, Supplies & Materials

MODULE 2: Setting Up, Mixing & Pouring

MODULE 3: Unmolding, Curing & Sealing

MODULE 4: Common Problems

BONUS: Marbling & Terrazzo

This is an online course with written and pre-recorded content. After purchasing, you will have lifetime and unlimited access to the course.

*This course does not come with any tools, supplies or materials - they must be purchased separately.

*Please note this is not a course on how to make candles, only cement vessels.

*All course sales are final.

Customer Reviews

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Julia Johnson
Creating My Own Cement Vessels for my Business!

I got all the recommended products in the course and once they arrived, I begin creating my vessels so easily! These large refillable candles are going to be the perfect addition to my candle offerings. I would highly recommend!

Fitri Magnussen
Easy to learn

Easy to legen
Thank you